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BREEAM Projects -
Feature Tour

BREEAM projects offers a range of features that are structured to guide you through the process of finding out about BREEAM, assessing projects and achieving certification.


Get the best out of your project

Visit the Explore section


Browse performance data from certified BREEAM assessments as well as accessing licensed BREEAM assessors and professionals.


Drill down to projects and services that relate to you and your project to help you get the best out of applying BREEAM.


Gain a better understanding of how to apply BREEAM to your project and the strategies employed by others with similar projects to help you get the best BREEAM rating.


My Projects

We'll give you your own projects area which you can use to build and manage your portfolio of projects. Here you'll also be able to access the information and tools you need to support you in the process of assessing and certifying your project against BREEAM.


Simply hit create, complete the basic project details and your project will be ready to be assessed against BREEAM.

Build your portfolio

Build your project portfolio by creating as many or as few building projects as you like.

Pre Assess

Choose a project

Choose the project that you want to apply a pre-assessment to from the my projects area. If you don't have a project simply create a new one.

New Pre-Assessment

Hit the new pre-assessment icon at the top of the project summary tile.

Select a BREEAM Scheme

Select a BREEAM Scheme you want from the options available in the drop down.


Hit save and a new pre-assessment will be created within your chosen project. To access the pre-assessment tool simply click on the title of the pre-assessment in the project summary tile and the tool will launch in a new browser window


Share - Not an Assessor

Share a pre-assessment you've created with a licenced assessor who can take it to certification for you.

Choose a project

Choose the project that you want to carry out a formal assessment of. If you haven't set up a project simply create a new one by clicking the new project icon.


Hit the new assessment registration icon at the top of the project summary tile and navigate through the registration process. Where applicable you'll be prompted to pay the relevant registration fee. Once this is done you will be able to access the formal reporting tool to carry out assessment work.


Complete the formal assessment report for the project. Clicking on the title of an assessment in a project summary tile will launch the relevant assessment tool in a new browser window.


Once the report is complete click submit and your assessment will be passed on for certification. Where the scheme you are assessing against isn't yet served by an online assessment tool you'll be able to download relevant reporting and assessment tools from the documents and tools tab and upload reports through the system once they're completed.