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About BREEAM Assessors and APs

A licensed BREEAM or Home Quality Mark Assessor has a deep level of understanding and competency in the scheme for which they are licensed and monitored by BRE Global Ltd. Their role is to manage the formal assessment process and apply for certification of that assessment on behalf of the client. In doing so they will confirm the appropriate scheme, apply the relevant scheme criteria and liaise with the client and relevant stakeholders to facilitate an assessment. Only BRE Global Ltd licensed assessors can offer, register, undertake and apply for certification of assessment.

A BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) has specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence and understanding in BREEAM and its assessment process. The BREEAM AP is one type of ‘sustainability champion’ defined and recognised in BREEAM. The BREEAM AP uses their expertise to assist clients and project teams by facilitating cross-project consideration and collaboration on solutions to scheme compliance, target setting and performance monitoring. A BREEAM AP cannot undertake a BREEAM assessment and apply for certification, unless they are also a licensed BREEAM assessor in the relevant scheme.

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Company Scheme Assessor Town/Postcode/
National Scheme Operator (NSO) Multiple
Good Partner AB BREEAM In-Use Mr Elias Sagan Stockholm, 18167, Sweden BRE Global
Green Level AB BREEAM In-Use Mr Anders Moberg
Mr Christopher Nilsson
Nacka, 13133, Sweden BRE Global
Green Level AB BREEAM SE Anders Moberg
Filippa Persson
Iryna Bulich
Torbjörn Nordgren
Nacka, 131 33, Sweden SGBC (BREEAM SE)
Green Partner AB BREEAM International New Construction
Mr Ruslan Fatkoulin Stockholm, 11131, Sweden BRE Global
Greencon Energi & Miljo AB BREEAM In-Use Mr Kim Sjoberg Gavle, 803 10, Sweden BRE Global
Hedström & Taube BREEAM SE Anton Wahlgren
Rasmus Falk
Stockholm, 114 48, Sweden SGBC (BREEAM SE)
Hifab AB BREEAM In-Use Miss Elin Engstrom Stockholm, 10432, Sweden BRE Global
Improvement Miljo i Stockholm AB BREEAM In-Use Mr Anton Wahlgren Stockholm, 11445, Sweden BRE Global
JLL Corporate Solutions AB BREEAM In-Use Miss Tracy Makaraba
Mr Thomas Lord
Stockholm, 11181, Sweden BRE Global
John Sisk & Son (Sweden) AB BREEAM AP Magda Wiik 973 46 , Sweden BRE Global
KAMTech BREEAM In-Use Mr Niklas Jakobsson Orebro, 702 10, Sweden BRE Global
Miljokonsult Sofie Aberg AB BREEAM International New Construction
Mrs Sofie Aberg Hagersten, S-129 41, Sweden BRE Global
Miljökonsult Sofie Åberg AB BREEAM SE Sofie Åberg Hägersten, 129 41, Sweden SGBC (BREEAM SE)
N/A BREEAM SE Anton Hilling
Emelie Johansson
Marit Wiksell
NCC Sverige AB BREEAM In-Use Miss Marit Wiksell Solna, 170 80, Sweden BRE Global
Net Zero Build AB BREEAM SE Kristijan Jordanov Solna, 17169, Sweden SGBC (BREEAM SE)
Norconsult AB BREEAM SE Cecilia Glittsjö Göteborg, 417 55, Sweden SGBC (BREEAM SE)
Omangruppen Svenska AB BREEAM In-Use Mr Martin Schmitz Vaxjo, 352 46, Sweden BRE Global
PE Teknik & Arkitektur BREEAM AP Mr Torbjorn Nordgren Stockholm, 10074, Sweden BRE Global
PE Teknik & Arkitektur AB BREEAM International New Construction
Mr Carson Warren
Mr Erik Haugbak
Mr Torbjorn Nordgren
Stockholm, 100 74, Sweden BRE Global