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A licensed BREEAM or Home Quality Mark Assessor has a deep level of understanding and competency in the scheme for which they are licensed and monitored by BRE Global Ltd. Their role is to manage the formal assessment process and apply for certification of that assessment on behalf of the client. In doing so they will confirm the appropriate scheme, apply the relevant scheme criteria and liaise with the client and relevant stakeholders to facilitate an assessment. Only BRE Global Ltd licensed assessors can offer, register, undertake and apply for certification of assessment.

A BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) has specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence and understanding in BREEAM and its assessment process. The BREEAM AP is one type of ‘sustainability champion’ defined and recognised in BREEAM. The BREEAM AP uses their expertise to assist clients and project teams by facilitating cross-project consideration and collaboration on solutions to scheme compliance, target setting and performance monitoring. A BREEAM AP cannot undertake a BREEAM assessment and apply for certification, unless they are also a licensed BREEAM assessor in the relevant scheme.

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Company Scheme Assessor Town/Postcode/
National Scheme Operator (NSO) Multiple
Baumann Consulting, Inc BREEAM USA In-Use Ms Lacey Lott Washington DC, 20005, United States BRE Global
CBRE, Inc BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Chad Goucher
Mr Joshua Kiser
Ms Melissa Berardi
Atlanta, GA 30326, United States BRE Global
Citadel EHS BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Ravi Bajaj San Diego, CA 91201, United States BRE Global
Cushman & Wakefield US., Inc. BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Daniel Busi
Mr John Pufunt
Mr Sean Starkey
Ms Christine Cho
Ms Kathryn Scrimizzi
Ms Megan Krest
Ms Rachel Schiftan
Washington, DC 20037, United States BRE Global
Envirobusiness Inc BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Cory Byrne Burlington, 01803, United States BRE Global
Evolution Sustainability Group BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Ryan Matthews
Ms Kiana Cardwell
Ms Resham Shirsat
Exton, 13941, United States BRE Global
Facilities Commissioning Resources, LLC BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Brad Allen
Mr Chase Allen
Mr Craig Allen
Mr Joe Kinley
Mr Wade Allen
Wauwatosa, WI 53226-3432, United States BRE Global
Gaia Development LLC BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Christopher McKinley
Mr Robert Fernandez
Marina del Rey, CA 90292, United States BRE Global
GreenGen BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Brandon Fayne
Mr Tyler Cline
Bethesda, MD 20814, United States BRE Global
Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc BREEAM International New Construction
Mr Aaron McEwin
Mr Bennett Anderson
Mr Jody Riojas
Mr Kyle Risinger
Mr Nathan Cunningham
Texas, TX 75093, United States BRE Global
Longevity Partners Inc BREEAM International New Construction
Bernardo De Leon Garza
Miss Danielle Swenson
Mr Etienne Cadestin
Mr Gerardo Zambrano Cavazos
Mr Justin DeMatas
Ms Aparajita Sudan
Ms Cora Klemme
Ms Grace Surgent
Ms Hannah Fuller
Ms Lily Beaman
Ms Morayo Kamson
Austin, TX 78702, United States BRE Global
Nova Group, GBC BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Matthew Foley
Mr Myles Bennett
Mr Thomas Fiorentino-Strawn
Ms Keely Felton
Minneapolis, ME 55416, United States BRE Global
RE Tech Advisors, LLC BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Alex Herold
Ms Emily Wedegaertner
Dallas, TX 75238, United States BRE Global
RPS Group, Inc., a Tetra Tech company BREEAM USA In-Use Ms Alexis Pfeiffer
Ms Ashley Matz-Stuk
Chicago, 60603, United States BRE Global
Rushing BREEAM USA In-Use Ms Stephanie Young Seattle, WA 98109, United States BRE Global
Sustainability Assurance Services, LLC BREEAM International New Construction Ms Borbala Cross-Boda Pittsburgh, 15222, United States BRE Global
Sustainable Investment Group LLC BREEAM USA In-Use Mr Bryce Gerritsen
Mr Gregory Patton
Atlanta, GA 30339, United States BRE Global
UL Verification Services, Inc BREEAM International New Construction
Mr Bryan Astheimer
Mr David Adler
Mr Jack Hudd
Mr John Covello
Mr Travis Black
Ms Alexis Voeltner
Ms Ysela Larios
Northbrook, IL 60062-2002, United States BRE Global
Vidaris, Inc - a Socotec Company BREEAM International New Construction
Mr John Amatruda New York, NY 10010, United States BRE Global