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A licensed BREEAM or Home Quality Mark Assessor has a deep level of understanding and competency in the scheme for which they are licensed and monitored by BRE Global Ltd. Their role is to manage the formal assessment process and apply for certification of that assessment on behalf of the client. In doing so they will confirm the appropriate scheme, apply the relevant scheme criteria and liaise with the client and relevant stakeholders to facilitate an assessment. Only BRE Global Ltd licensed assessors can offer, register, undertake and apply for certification of assessment.

A BREEAM Accredited Professional (BREEAM AP) has specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence and understanding in BREEAM and its assessment process. The BREEAM AP is one type of ‘sustainability champion’ defined and recognised in BREEAM. The BREEAM AP uses their expertise to assist clients and project teams by facilitating cross-project consideration and collaboration on solutions to scheme compliance, target setting and performance monitoring. A BREEAM AP cannot undertake a BREEAM assessment and apply for certification, unless they are also a licensed BREEAM assessor in the relevant scheme.

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Company Scheme Assessor Town/Postcode/
National Scheme Operator (NSO) Multiple
Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd BREEAM Accredited Professional Mr Dan Horton
Mr Robert Adkins
Birmingham, B3 1DW, BRE Global
Engineering Services Consultancy Ltd BREEAM Communities
BREEAM UK Commercial - Industrial
BREEAM UK Commercial - Offices
BREEAM UK Commercial - Retail
BREEAM UK Multi-residential
BREEAM UK Other Buildings - Bespoke
BREEAM UK Other Buildings - Data Centres
BREEAM UK Public - Courts
BREEAM UK Public - Education
BREEAM UK Public - Healthcare
BREEAM UK Public - Higher Education
BREEAM UK Public - Prisons
BREEAM UK Refurbishment & Fit-Out
Home Quality Mark (HQM)
Miss Rebecca Adams
Mr Nicholas Gorrie
Mr Peter Flinton
Mrs Daniela Horton
Mrs Vicki Wilson
Birmingham, B3 1DW, United Kingdom BRE Global
ESC Ltd BREEAM Accredited Professional Mrs Vicki Wilson Birmingham, B3 1DW, United Kingdom BRE Global